Crystal-clear, like-new exterior (surface) lens guarantee, or you don’t pay. Terms and conditions apply. Please continue to read.

The restoration process only focuses on the outside surface of the headlight lens. If you have any issues on the inside or behind the lens, replacement housing is recommended. Restoration will not fix interior issues or cracks, and fractures. Some interior flaws may not be visible if the surface of the lens is really yellow and fogged up. Once the exposed exterior is restored to perfection, then other issues become visible.

Restoration 5 year Warranty

All Vivid Headlight’s restoration services come with a 5-year warranty. The longevity of your lens depends on UV exposure. Warranty does not include commercial vehicles and semi-trucks.

Please be advised that any buffing, sanding, or polishing of your headlights will void the warranty. Our properly restored lenses can last as long as 7 years. That is no less than a brand new headlight out of the box. If you see any issues, please contact us for a hassle-free, no-charge immediate repair. Do not allow auto detailers to buff your headlights. No coating can withstand a buff machine. Buffing removes the protective coating, exposing your lights to the elements and significantly shortening the life of your light.