Nothing will upgrade the look of your car like custom retrofit lighting. We can convert a reflective hosing into a state of the art projector, add or remove lights or create any function you desire. Choose custom paint to match the housing with your car’s overall theme, install RGB, or Switchback LED lighting, Halo, or demon eyes. 

Please keep in mind most customizations are not legal in the state of California.

To get started please email photos of your car with close up of the headlights, cars year make and model and a brief description of what you are looking for and your overall budget to and one of our technician’s will contact you to discuss your build options.

Headlight Lens Replacement
Lens replacement can be an attractive solution if the lens is damaged beyond repair or the seal between the headlight and lens is broken and moisture and dust are getting in the housing, but the headlight is healthy otherwise. Vivid Headlight’s lens restoration services can restore and repair the headlight lens with even the most severe damage previously thought impossible to repair. Please take a look at our Lens Restoration Services (link) to see some incredible before and after to get a better idea of what is possible today.
Before moving forward with the lens replacement research is need to ensure that a replacement lens is available. Please keep in mind this is not an easy process and it is only recommended for more expensive or rare headlights. If a replacement lens is not available a lens from a donor headlight can be a good candidate.
Headlight lens is sealed in place using a butyl silicon sealant, creating an airtight seal that prevents dust and moisture from entering the headlight housing. In order to break the bond between the headlight and the lens, the headlight is heated to 220◦ F to loosen the butyl sealant to remove the headlight lens. Process is delicate, any damage to the channel around the headlight lens can cause a bad seal and allow moister and dust to enter the housing over time. Removing the lens is just half of the way. Properly cleaning the channel and prepping for the new butyl is crucial. An imperfect seal will allow moisture in causing damage to the headlight in a long run. Consult our lighting technician to see if lens replacement is the right option for you.