As headlights become more sophisticated an average price of headlight has sored.  In an event of headlight malfunction most reach out to mechanic shops and dealership repair centers which do not repair headlights and more than likely will recommend an expensive replacement. Vivid Headlight specializes in automotive lighting and can repair most issues. Some of our Headlight repair service include Broken Headlight Tabs, Holes in the headlight bucket, Wiring issues, damaged bulb retainer clips, moisture build up etc…

Let’s have an in depth look at headlight damage types and components.

Headlight can be broken down to three main repairable components, the housing, electrical, and the Lens.

  • The headlight housing also referred to as the bucket is the exterior of the light opposite to the lens. It supports all mounting tabs and it houses the electrical and adaptive functions. Holes or cracks in the bucket can allow moisture and dust to enter the housing, damaging the headlight over time. Early detection is key. Damaged or broken headlight tabs, or holes in the bucket can be repaired using plastic weld. This method is the most reliable option for broken tab, and hole repair. When done properly it can be as good and even stronger than the original state.
  • The headlight lens

There are two issues that compromise a headlight related to the lens. One is the surface of the lens and the latter is the area where the lens meets the housing. Issues on the surface of the lens can be repaired using lens restoration techniques. Vivid Headlight is famous for restoring the impossible. Please click Restoration to learn more.

Other issues like moisture and dust buildup in the headlight are usually caused by issues in the seams where the lens is connecting to the headlight housing. A rubber butyl or silicon is used to seal this seem.

  • Electrical components

Electrical issues within a headlight assembly can be caused by many factors. Form something as simple as dried out plastic casing on wires that flakes of and causes electrical short, prevalent in many older German cars, defective socket, to malfunction of the ballast and harness in newer HID headlights.

There is a 4th mechanical component in modern headlights that is responsible for the adaptive technology. In a case of malfunction that is hardware related repair is not guarantee and we do not recommend it. Speak to our technician to learn what options are available for your specific issue.