Spider web cracks are a large category with some as simple to restore as oxidation and some a nightmare scenario like spider web cracks under the clear coat. We have broken down Spider web Cracks (SWC) in their main categories

  • The surface SWC with no clear coat on the lens
  • Crystalized SWC
  • Under Clear Coat SWC
Restoring Category one SWC can add 30 min to 1 hour in labor time. If left untreated SWC continue to grow and deepen until they cover the entire lens. Vivid Headlight’s expert technician can restore category one SWC no matter how severe the damage.

Here we discuss general SWC category one. The Category one SWC happens usually once the clear coat on the headlight lens is either oxidized or it has been removed by buffing or sanding. Once the first line of defense is gone sun’s powerful UV rays start to break down the plastic itself. SWC usually starts on the top or edges where it gets most sun exposure. Once the cracking starts it continues until it covers the lens. Process can take few months or as long as few years depending on the plastic and amount of UV exposure.