To read a bit about the basics of spider web cracks please click here. Under clear coat spider web cracks aka the most challenging restoration. Much like Crystalized SWC this phenomenon happens mostly in German cars prevalent in BMW and Mercedes. German engineers developed a harder lens with a incredible clear coat that does not oxidize like most other lenses do. Unable to oxidize this hard clear coat stand strong and cracks develop within and underneath the clear coat. When faced with such severe damage Vivid
Headlight’s Master Technician removes the damaged layer going down to bare plastic. Complete removal of the clear coat makes this a bit more challenging that other SWC. A shiny new lens is then fabricated out of the fresh clean plastic. Lens is then prepped and a fresh layer of Clear Coat is applied giving the lens that flawless new look and ensuring its longevity. It takes great craftsmanship to turn a damaged piece of plastic into a shiny new lens, we guarantee our work and all of our restoration come with a lifetime warranty.