We have combined Chipping, and Scratches since the restoration process is very similar. A chunk of
the plastic is missing either chipped away, which is caused by debris hitting the lens at a high
speed or it is scratched up which is always man made.

Short of wrapping the lens with film there is no way to protect the lens from chipping, this is
especially true in fast sport cars. Debris is everywhere. Even if a protective film is applied, a big
enough chunk, at high enough speed can cause damage. Scratches on the other hand are easily
preventable. Our advice do not use any abrasive material on the lens, scrubbing even wiping the lens dry can cause significant scratches. Always make sure
the lens is clean before wiping. Any dust can role under the cloth, acting like sandpaper
scratching the lens.

Vivid headlights technician will assess the depth of the damage. The lens is then sanded. This is delicate work, a dusting of black powder is periodically used to determine if the damage has been removed or further work is necessary.

Craftsmanship and experience is needed to determine how deep to go. Thicker clear coat is mixed for deeper scratches that cannot be removed by sanding, and to strengthen the lens. The end result is beautiful shiny lens not much different than a factory new, backed by a lifetime warranty.