Unlike the classic buff and shine , permanent lens restoration goes deep to bare plastic . This process in turn guarantees no oxidation is left behind no matter the severity of the oxidation on the surface of the lens . ( Oxidation is the yellowing , cloudy , foggy layer on the surface ) . This guarantee does not include Lens Structural Damage Repair ( scratches , Chipping , Cracks ) . Even though we are famous for fixing the impossible . Severe structural damage can not be guaranteed , and are on case to case bases . Keep in mind restoration takes place on the surface of the lens . Any issues on the inside of the hosing like dust accumulation behind the lens , discoloration of the reflective chrome , or moisture build up will not be fixed . Some interior flaws may not be visible if the surface of the lens is really yellow and fogged up . Once the exposed exterior is restored , then other issues may become visible . In majority of cases our expert technicians can asses such issues and inform you ahead of time . Even if you have issues on the inside , having a oxidation free surface makes a great difference .


Our lens restoration service is backed by a lifetime warranty. We will fix oxidation of our coating caused naturally by the elements for as long as you own your car. This warranty is nontransferable, but you may purchase a transferable warranty at the time of purchase for an additional fee. Warranty does not cover scratches, chipping, cracks or any other issues related to the plastic lens itself. We cannot warranty the plastic lens. Plastic will break down in the sun no matter what. Our coating protects the plastic lens. Removing the coating will void the warranty. Though we have been able to create an incredible coating that can rival new factory coating as far as the time it takes for the coating to oxidize, it is venerable to abrasion. Please follow the care instruction to ensure best result, and to keep your warranty. The headlight care instructions are the same whether Vivid restored lens, or factory new.

Headlight Care Instructions

1-Do not use pressure washer directly on the lens this can lift any clear coat, even factory new. Keep at least 5 feet distance.

2- Do not wipe the lens dry. Wiping the lens dry act like a sandpaper scratching and removing any clear coat. Use water to remove as much dust and debris before wash. Its best practice to get the headlights wet and start washing from the trunk to give the dust time to dissolve and soften.

3- Do not buff the lens, or apply wax

4- Do not use any solvent or degreaser on the lens.

Warranty does not include Commercial Vehicles, Semi – Trailer       Trucks, and Motorhomes . Warranty must be claimed within our service area or within 5 miles of where the service was originally performed. Even if your warranty is void due to removal of the clear coat, you are still protected. We will restore and reapply a fresh coating for a small fee.


Congratulation on your newly restored lens . Please enter your receipt number indicated on the bottom right hand side of your digital receipt to begin your lifetime warranty registration .