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Bulb replacement sounds simple enough yet improper bulb replacement is the main cause of short lived bulb and other lighting issues. Proper lightbulb replacement can save you a lot of headache down the road. Missing or unsecure boot which can let moisture and dust in the headlight housing, and bent or damaged retaining spring clips are the main two damages caused effecting headlight due to improper bulb replacement.

Let’s have a quick review on general good habits, and proper bulb replacement.

Depending on your cars year, make, model, and trim the headlamp bulb can be either Halogen, HID, or LED.  The bulb type and size information is indicated on the bottom of the headlight lens, and in your vehicles owner’s manual. Getting access to the bulb is different on almost every car with some as simple as opening the hood and reaching behind the headlight, and others requiring removal of the headlight assembly or parts to gain access. In some cars the bulb is exposed while in others the bulb is cased within the housing. To gain access you must remove the headlight boot. Usually turning it counter clockwise would do the trick. Accumulation of dust and moisture in headlights is often due to negligence on properly securing the boot.

The bulb is kept in place either with a locking mechanism which can be removed by turning it counter clockwise or with retaining spring clips. These clips are fragile and extra care must be taken not to bend them. Not knowing how the clips come off, and instead using trial and error is the main reason they get damaged. Bent clip will give the bulb extra play which is a factor in casing the bulb to burn out prematurely. Once the bulb is removed disengage the wiring harness and replace the renew bulb. It’s a good practice to wear gloves while handling the new bulb, touching the bulb can transfer natural skin oils, and contaminates to the bulb concentrating heat and significantly shorten the bulbs life. Make sure to close the boot properly, gaps within the boot, or worn out washer will allow dust and moisture to enter the headlight housing compromising electrical and mechanical components and making the lens hazy form the inside. Run a final test by turning on the headlights with the car turned on. If the lights are not coming on especially with LED and HID bulb replacement check the polarity on the harness. Make sure to match + and – on the bulb with the harness.