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Vivid headlight restoration clean yellow cloudy headlight repair replacement upgrade dangers night

AAA study finds Only 25 percent of driving takes place in darkness, but 50 percent of crashes occur in that same period 

New research from AAA reveals that clouded or yellowed headlights generate only 20 percent of the amount of light that new headlights do, leading to dangerous nighttime driving conditions.

Ensuring maximum visibility during night is key to reducing risk of  accident. Road fatalities triple during the night, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


“Driving at night with headlights that produce as little as 20 percent of the  light they did when new, which is already subpar, is a  risk drivers shouldn’t take,” says Greg Brannon, AAA’s director of  automotive engineering and industry relations, “especially when there  are convenient and inexpensive solutions that can dramatically improve  lighting performance.” 


Vivid headlight restoration clean yellow cloudy headlight repair replacement upgrade dangers night

 What causes the yellowing on my lights? 

Most of today’s cars use halogen reflector headlights, which have covers typically made of plastic with a protective coating to prevent scratching and sunlight damage. Exposure to sunlight breaks down this coating, causing yellowing and clouding that noticeably lessens the headlight’s visibility

What makes modern restoration superior to detailing? 

Both methods one way or anther remove the damaged yellowing coating. With traditional detailing the coating is replaced with heavy wax. Wax is not a durable solution and it produces glare. a simple car-wash would be enough to wash away the wax leaving your lens exposed to the elements significantly shortening the life of your light.  When a light is completely restored a coating similar to what the manufacturer sprays on new lights is applied  to seal the light.  Giving it that flawless new look with no glare. A fresh UV protective coating can protect your lights for years to come.

Our Method


 We have developed a 7 stage proprietary method from time tested techniques to modern restoration. We start by  completely removing the damage coating.  Once the coating is removed a three stage prepping process prepares the lens to bond in a perfect harmony with a fresh layer of a modern UV resistant coating similar to what the factory sprays on new lenses. A special chemical compound slightly heats, and dissolves the plastic making a strong foundation for the coating. Once the coating has bonded and cured the result is an astonishing perfect lens for years to come.

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