Oxidation of the lens which causes a yellowing or cloudy appearance is the most prevalent of headlight lens damages . Almost all cars older than 5 years have some degree of oxidation . To understand this issue more lets take a quick look at what causes oxidation , and the basics of a modern headlight lens .

Most cars manufactured after 1990s use reflector , or projection headlights , with lens typically made of poly – carbonate plastic blend . Today’s modern Plastic lens has many advantages compared to the classic glass lens . It can be easily molded into any shape or designs , it is durable , extremely light weight , and it does not shatter , but it has one major flaw .

Like most other materials short of glass plastic cannot withstand the
elements above all sun’s powerful UV rays . It did not take the highly motivated manufacturers long to came up with a solution to this one weakness .
A simple yet effective solution good enough to replace the glass lens forever.

A UV protective coating similar to clear coat is sprayed on the lens as a first line of defense . This coating breaks down instead of the plastic giving the lens incredible durability , and extending its life by years .

The yellowing begins gradually with UV exposure as the coating oxidizes and starts to break down , process usually start from the top where it has the most exposure to UV rays , and takes over the entire lens . If not taken care of eventually the plastic itself start to break down . Left untreated this can eventually cause hair fractures , and spider web cracks that start to form within the lens itself .
Our oxidation removal is no different than our other restorations on more severe damages . Experienced technician fully removes the damaged layer . This fresh start ensure the best result with little difference than a new headlight lens . The plastic is then prepped and a layer of UV protective clear coat is applied . This coating gives the lens that incredible new look that Vivid Headlight is famous for and it ensure longevity that rival a new headlight lens . All of our restoration is backed by a lifetime warranty .



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Flaking Clear Coat
Crystallized Spider Web Cracks
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Crystallized Spider Web Cracks